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I help you win with words

Hello! I'm a web copywriter turned content strategist and coach/trainer.

I have 10+ years of experience in marketing probably 100 brands, both at jobs at communication agencies and as an independent consultant (in the last 6 years).

Furthermore, I have extensive experience as a trainer and coach delivering interactive training on social media, copywriting and other marketing-related topics.

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Here’s how I can help (ranked from rare to less rare skills):

Online marketing coaching (1-on-1) & training (group)
Copywriting marketing coaching & training
Social media marketing coaching & training
Online marketing strategy
Content marketing strategy
Designing & creating marketing funnels
Designing & creating marketing automation paths
Conversion copywriting for AdWords & social media ads (conversion-focused)
Conversion copywriting for landing pages
SEO strategy
SEO copywriting
‘Regular’ copywriting (meaning not conversion-focused) for social media, blog posts, websites, brochures and more
Technical writing

If you think I can be of any value – email me to schedule a call

or call +32 485 52 47 44

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We also offer public speaking training under the trademark Montis.